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Would you like to hit longer drives? Would you like to have shorter approaches with a smaller club? Would you like to have a more balanced swing?

We have come up with a new product that answers yes to all of those questions! You know from experience that buying a new driver seldom gives you more distance from the tee and it is also pricy. What we are offering is an affordable solution that will really add meters to your drive and make your approaches easier. The Handy Speed Stick has been designed to increase clubhead speed without needing to swing any harder. It will increase your clubhead speed naturally with the help of overspeed training. It is about time to get an easy solution that will give fast results, which will make your play mates look in awe. By training both your dominant and nondominant sides you will also make your musculature more balanced. This will prevent the risk of injury, make your body control better and get those envious looks in the summer by hitting longer!

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 120 cm

2 reviews for Handy Speed Stick

  1. Leon Clark

    i met with the owner of this company when he was in Wales and playing Greenmeadow golf course!!! I have used this and followed the protocols on superspeed golf and gone from 103MPH to 115MPH in just 6 weeks, this is better as its 3 in 1……. really pleased with this product, I am a golf professional myself and give you 100% fact that you will increase your clubhead speed and improve the sequencing of your swing! Ps invest in a swing speed radar to coincide with this product.

  2. Fit2Swing

    Best price / quality speed increasing tool there is on the market. Ideal for warm ups before playing golf. And simple drills to increase swing speed in only a few weeks time. I highly recommend this handy speed stick

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