The Handy Speed Stick

We have come up with a new product, and we guarantee that you will hit longer drivers than ever before after using it! You know from experience that buying a new driver seldom gives you more distance from the tee and it is also pricey. What we are offering is an affordable solution that will really add meters to your drive. The Handy Speed Stick has been designed to increase clubhead speed without needing to swing any harder. It will increase your clubhead speed naturally with the help of overspeed training. It is about time to get an easy solution that will give fast results, which will make your play mates look in awe. By training both your dominant and non-dominant sides you will also make your musculature more balanced. This will prevent the risk of injury, make your body control better and get those envious looks in the summer by hitting longer!

The Handy Speed Stick is composed of the main club and two weights. With the lightest weight the user can usually get up to 19% more swing speed compared to the playing driver. The middle weight allows for up to 17% more swing speed and the heaviest of the three up to 12% more swing speed. With regular training, it is possible to get a 10 to 15 mph increase in your club head speed within a month, which gives you up to 30 meters more from the tee! The best part about training is that after it you do not need to swing harder but your natural swing will become faster by itself. We recommend to practice three times per week with a day off in between to optimize swing speed gains.

The Handy Speed Stick is available in black colored weights and in three different lengths.

  • 45” club for men
  • 43” club for women
  • 41” club for juniors

The Handy Speed Stick is retailed for 119 € (vat. included 24%).

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The Handy Hill

Dont you hate it when you hit that perfect drive down the fairway but miss your approach? More often than not you end up on a tough lie from which you have not practiced enough! On the course you almost never hit on a flat surface but you always train on one at the range. The product is designed for short game practice but it can also be used to practice iron shots. With the Handy Hill product you will get your short game to the next level! Practice makes perfect and with our product you get more results and faster!

The Handy Hill comes in two sizes:

  • Handy Hill 100 cm 495e (vat. included 24%)
  • Handy Hill 110 cm 795e (vat. included 24%)

The angle can be changed from 0-10 degrees and the direction of the angle can be set freely.  The smaller one weighs 25kg and the larger one 35kg.